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Cornell Performance Apparel Design Lab




Associate Professor of Apparel Design

Fiber Science & Apparel Design

131 Human Ecology Builing

Cornell University 

Ithaca NY, 14853

Office: 607 255 0185


Cornell performance apparel design lab (Director: Professor Huiju Park) is to develop wearable solutions to improve human well-being, health, safety and comfort through application of smart technologies and creative design ideas in emphasis on understanding of human factors and technologies.


The research focus includes development of wearable technologies, design and evaluation of protective apparel, functional clothing and sports apparel. Cornell Performance Apparel Lab is pushing boundary of wearable design through adoption of emerging technologies and multidisciplinary approach in active collaboration with material and computer scientists, and engineering faculty and students.


Prof. Huiju Park was named as the winner of 2020 ITAA Mid-Career Excellence Award click here for article

Prof. Huiju Park was named as the winner of 2018 ITAA Paper of Distinction Award (Textile & Apparel Science Track)

Prof. Huiju Park was named as the winner of 2015 ITAA Rising Star Award

Prof. Jintu Fan, Prof. Huiju Park and Prof. Tasha Lewis received DOE awards $3M grant for 'air-conditioned' clothing

Prof. Park joins the US AID funded project to fight against Ebola through his research about cooling technology

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